Improve sales turnaround time by up to 80% and supercharge tenant engagement!
The RealEstateDoc (RED) platform is an end-to-end integrated platform that serves your business needs by understanding your desired customer journey. Digitalising touchpoints from client acquisition, deal management and tenant engagement, we make it easy for you to be in full control of your deals and client relationships every step of the way.
Lease and Asset Management
As a B2B software platform, RED breaks the norm by converting traditional retail and commercial spaces into flexible spaces to be leased out and managed easily. Through digitalization and data-driven automation, the RED software helps to drive occupancy for landlords, provides seamless workflow processes and heightens landlord-tenant engagement levels to drive loyalty and eco-system driven commerce for landlords. At its core, the platform provides landlords real time analytics on its building assets, tenant and broker performance for optimal planning and decision making.
Tenant Community Building
The RED Community Platform provides a cutting-edge solution for the engagement of the tenants in the building. From the booking of meeting rooms and common facilities, to having a marketplace to offer deals and promotions, do it all on one convenient platform. Have an event to run? The Community Platform allows for the uploading and marketing of the event, and tenants will be able to register for it using their accounts.
Booking of Meeting Rooms and Common Facilities
Allow tenants to check the availability of meeting rooms and common facilities, and to make bookings and reservations on a convenient white-label mobile app. Important data are automatically captured for useful analytics and better decisioning and pricing.
Events Management
Events ManTenant Engagement
The Marketplace
Documents and Billing Management
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