The document management and transaction records software for all your real estate needs!
Redoc is the intelligent document management and transaction records submission system empowering real estate professionals to manage their business, data and transaction deals easily.
Our Experience
Redoc Features
Why use Redoc for your real estate business?
Close deals up to 80% faster. Save thousands of dollars in fulfillment costs. Save on administrative and documentation compliance.
Facilitate cobroking of deals seamlessly and securely. Promote borderless collaboration with faster, safer deal closures. Video conference stakeholders for virtual agreement acceptance.
API integrations to other platforms and services. Connect to wider audience and stakeholders. Seamless end-to-end service to clients promoting loyalty.
Identify with any of these?
Eliminate them with Redoc!
Disjointed and error-prone sales process
Requiring manual input of sales and revenue data into traditional backend systems.
Long sales cycles
Multiple steps, stakeholders, and long process to complete a transaction.
Disorganised documentation
E-signing tools do not capture data in your contracts. Does not provide ability to lifecycle manage deals.
How Redoc Can Help
Optimize your real estate business all on one platform
Drive business through seamless engagement
Leverage on technology to build sustainable recurring businesses.
100% secure digital contracts
Digitize your templates with Redoc's proprietary online document engine.
Shorten leasing deal cycles with full deal progress visibility and control.
Grow your business with real-time business intelligence
Have your reports and analytics automatically in real-time and view them all on one convenient platform.
Get ahead of the market
With digitization and the all-in-one management of your business, work seamlessly and efficiently to edge out the competition.
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