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For registered Estate Agents in Singapore, is a PSG pre-approved software solution, with government grant support of up to 50%.
You can learn more about the PSG Grant here.
If you are looking on behalf of your estate agency, please fill up this form to get your quotation for the PSG application.
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Frequently asked questions
What is Redoc?
Redoc is an intelligent all-in-one document automation software that simplifies process to create, approve, and eSign contracts,documents and quotations for real estate businesses and professionals. Teams use Redoc to improve document workflows, insights, and speed while providing a great client experience, from quotation-to-closure of a deal.
Do the people I send documents to need to pay anything?
No. Your clients or partners who receive documents from you through Redoc to eSign do not need to pay anything. In fact, you can invite your partners to Sign-Up for Redoc and enjoy a 14-day free trial period.
What does the 14-day free trial mean?
The 14-day free trial provides you access to some features only available in our paid plans. You can easily create a contract and invite your clients to accept our contract through Redoc eSignature. Just Sign-Up for free!
How do I cancel my subscription?
To cancel your subscription, simply go to Settings -> Plan & Billing -> Cancel Subscription. Your subscription will continue to run until the end of the payment period made.
Will my monthly/annual subscription be renewed automatically?
Yes, for your convenience, your subscription will be automatically renewed when you have your credit card on file.
Do my recipients need to have a Redoc account to sign a document?
No, they don't. We do strongly encourage that you invite your real estate partners and brokers to Sign-Up on Redoc for our ongoing cool / new features and collaborate with you to close more deals!
My Company has an existing CRM system. Can I use Redoc?
Yes! Redoc intelligent document software is great for integration with existing CRM systems to auto-populate information into your contract templates managed on Redoc. Contact us for a Quick Demo and quotation for Enterprise Quote now!
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